Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Places around Mumbai

A stone's throw from the entertainment capital of India Mumbai, are a number upcoming towns and cities that are tourist destinations . Some of these cities are known for their rich cultural heritage while some for their exquisite handicrafts; some entice travellers for their oranges or mangoes while some capture the hearts of Bollywood filmmakers. Below we have listed Beaches, Hill Stations & Nature Trails around Mumbai all withing driving distance of the city - perfect spots for a weekend getaway or short vacation

Some of these towns are and distance from Mumbai are:



(Via) Mhad

(Via) Nasik

(Via) Pune


(Via) Bharuch

(Via) Vadodara

Panaji (Goa)


169 kms

184 kms

239 kms
179 kms

307 kms
184 kms

392 kms
163 kms

120 kms

432 kms
357 kms

545 kms
432 kms

597 kms

711 kms

998 kms

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