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Low Cost JetLite Tickets

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Jet Lite has always been a common man’s airline that took care of the middle class and tried their best to keep jet lite airfares as less as possible, so that people can manage to pay for boarding their dreams. This airline has always paid attention on offering best-in-class facilities to their customers for an enjoyable tour. The main thing that matters is customer satisfaction and the jet lite airlines staff has always been keen on providing every comfort to them. The flight crew has been generous and helping nature. After takeover, Jetlite (formerly Sahara Airlines) maintained the good quality of food that air Sahara used to provide. The supplementary things they introduced were changed aircraft interiors, logo design, online check-in facilities and baggage allowance.

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Sahara airlines saw a bad phase of economic crunch and sold the stakes to Jet airways. After it was sold, the name was changed to Jet lite from Air Sahara. Still, Sahara airlines held certain stakes in its merger and retained the flight number initials as S2. Its operational base is New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport with hubs in Hyderabad and Mumbai. Jetlite air tickets were made available at a variety of places, along with airport counters. In fact the number of counters were also increased. When Jet airways took over this airline, it changed the old logo of Sahara airways. Even, the color and design on the aircraft was changed.

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Jetlite airline have focused cities that act as the main centers of this airline’s counter. Chennai, Ahmadabad and Kolkata are those focus cities. This airline has always been a favorite among frequent flyers and used to come-up with cheap flight tickets a lot many times. Being the stem of Sahara India Pariwar, Air Sahara has always taken care of every demand of their customers. The staff has always considered customers as a part of their family. So, you can try out Air Sahara (Jet lite airlines) and experience the difference of warm hospitality. Travelling in an aircraft has always been a matter of attraction for many people. So, it becomes the duty of the airline to keep up with the placate level of its customers. Jet Lite (earlier Air Sahara) is one such airline that takes care of every requirement of customer. It started operations on December 3, 1993 with two Boeing aircrafts. After that, it grew with flights to various cities and international flights starting to Colombo. In the initial stages, this airline was names as jet lite airlines. It was on October 2, 2005 that air sahara was rebranded as this name. on a whole, including the flight tickets, this airline has served best facilities in the entire aviation sector.

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