Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tamanna MMS Video MTV Tamanna Roadies Video

MTV Roadies, Tamanna, Tamana MTV Roadies Finalist MMS Scandal, MMS Video of Tamana on Web. A finalist of MTV Roadies Tamanna is hitting the internet for her MMS Scandal. Tamanna making the headlines for a believed sex video starring her. The tape confine a girl with eye-catching similarity to well-liked MTV Roadies participator Tamanna. The girl who looks like Tamanna can also be seen with the black thread around her neck fairly resemblance to Tamanna.

In the sex tap the girl is quite look like Tamanna, who wears a crucifix pendant comparable to MTV Roadie. The Tape has become a must for the entire college crowd that it is thought to show Tamanna in a surprisingly endowed passion suggest the Inside Reports.

MTV Roadies Reality TV Show’s 6th contestant became victims of fake MMS Video Tamanna Scandal.


Desi Panga said...

Roadie Tamanna, who has made headlines with her fake sex tape scandal, is really upset with media for publishing the story. In a telephonic interv read more

Micks said...

Fake and its just an Publicity Stunt... She shld be punish for life time