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Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, VJTI Mumbai -

Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute
H.R. Mahajani Marg, Matunga
Maharashtra - 400 019

Phone: +91 – 22 - 24198101
Fax: +91 – 22 - 24152874

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Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, VJTI Mumbai -

Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) (VJTI - established in 1887) is one of India's premier engineering and technical institutes, located in Mumbai, India and attracts top talent students. Until 26 January 1997 it was known as the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute.

VJTI, is a part of the University of Mumbai and VJTIs degrees are issued by the University, but the institution is no longer under the administrative purview of the university, since being granted autonomy in July 2004 and has since been classified as a private engineering institute.

Courses at VJTI
* Civil and Environmental Engineering
* Computer Technology (offers courses in Computer Engineering and Information Technology)
* Electrical and Electronics Engineering
* Humanities and Management
* Mathematics
* Mechanical Engineering
* Physics
* Production Engineering
* Structural Engineering
* Technical and Applied Chemistry
* Textile Manufacturing
* Master of Computer Applications

VJTI has seven engineering departments; Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Textile Manufactures, Production Engineering and Structural Engineering. VJTI also has three supporting departments; Mathematics, Technical & Applied Chemistry, Physics and Humanities & Management. All the departments are equipped with modern laboratories. These facilities are made available to the students and also to the industry for testing. Curricula of all the under graduate and post graduate degree programs are regularly updated to include current trends and industry needs. Many experts from industry and other academic institutes deliver seminars on special topics and latest developments for the VJTI students and faculty.

* Mechanical Engineering Department

The Mechanical Engineering department at VJTI and workshops are housed in the extensions outflanking the main institute on the north and was established in 1946. The department has facilities in Metallurgy, Dynamics, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Automobile, Heat Engines, Robotics and Automation, CAD/CAM/CAE, Mechanical Measurement s and Fluid Mechanics and Workshops in Machine, Smithy, Carpentry, Filing and Welding. All laboratories have testing facilities. The department also provides certification for several activities on behalf of the government.

* Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department

The Electrical Engineering department at VJTI is situated in the south wing and an extension building is constructed in the rear and was established in 1947. The Siemens High Voltage laboratory is accommodated in a special block in the south wing. The electrical workshop is housed in the extension building. The department has 14 laboratories with ultra modern equipments such as Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessor, Communications, Bio-medical, Electrical Motors and Drives and Instrumentation. These laboratories have testing facilities such as high voltage testing of induction motors, transformers, insulation resistance of compounds, impulse testing up to 500KV and power frequency testing as per I.S. norms.

* Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

The Civil and Environmental Engineering department at VJTI is situated in the extension of the main building on the first floor. The department has facilities in Environmental Engineering, Air-Pollution and Noise Pollution, Bio-assay, Transportation and Highway Engineering, Land Survey, Geology and Plumbing. All the laboratories are equipped with modern equipment and testing facilities. The department has started a post-graduate course in Construction Management in addition to the postgraduate course.

* Production Engineering Department

The office, staff-rooms and class-rooms are on the second floor of the Mechanical Engineering block at VJTI. The laboratories are on the ground and the mezzanine floors. The department (earlier named as Industrial Engineering Department) was set-up in 1959. Four year degree course in Production Engineering was started in 1973. The department has four well-equipped laboratories viz. Process laboratory, Metrology laboratory, Work-study laboratory and Computer laboratory.

* Computer Technology Department

The department situated at the Southern wing mainly on the first floor at VJTI was formed in 1985. The computer center was established in 1976 in collaboration with the National Centre for Software Development and Computing Techniques located in the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. It is housed near the Institute's quadrangle. A course in Computer Applications was started in 1984, Master’s course in 1985 and a Bachelor’s course in 1986. The computer center has a facility with over 150 PCs and workstations for software development in several areas.

* Textile Manufactures Department

The Textile Manufactures Department at VJTI is housed in a large north-light steel trusted roof building. The textile department is one of the two departments started at VJTI when it was first established in 1887. The department is spacious and has modern spinning, weaving and non-woven machinery in its workshops and modern testing equipments in its laboratories. The department has carried out a number of Industrial consultancy projects including geo-textile project for paved and unpaved roads, sponsored by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

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