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Travelling to Mumbai - some low cost options to stay in Mumbai for tourists

YWCA International Guest House is a quiet place with very clean rooms for Rs 850/1500 and with A/C for Rs 1800. It is popular and must usually be booked one month in advance. Breakfast, dinner, and all taxes included in the price.Good location.

Dorm Bed (Sharing) (F\R) Rate Rs. 787 Advance 850

Above Tariff includes:

* Morning Tea / Coffee

* Buffet Breakfast

* Buffet Dinner (MAP basis)

To book, you can contact our Reservation Officer at
YWCA International Guest House
18, Madame Cama Road,
Mumbai - 400 039,
MH, India.
Tel: +91-22-202 5053/9161/0598/282 6814
Fax: +91-22-202 0445
Grams: 'Maidens', Bombay.

YMCA International House
ADDRESS:18, YMCA Road,Mumbai - 400 008.
Tel.: 23070601/ 02/ 03. Fax: 2309 1101.


* Reservation Timings: 09.00 Hrs. to 17.00 Hrs on all working days.
* No booking will be confirmed without one day's Advance Deposit. Balance Advance Deposit in Indian Rupees to be paid on arrival.
* Confirmed Booking is applicable only for the day of reservation.
* Confirmed Bookings for subsequent days get cancelled in case of no-show on the first day.
* If reservation is requested for arrival prior to check-in-time, charges will be levied from previous night.
* No concession for half-day occupancy.

Apollo Guest House (2204-5540; Email:, first floor of the Mathuradas Estate Building, 43/45 Colaba Causeway, has really small rooms with common bath for Rs 550/650, rooms with bath for Rs 800/900 and A/C Rs 1400.

The popular Whalley’s Guest House (tel - 2283-1802; fax 2283-4206), 41 Mereweather Rd, on the third floor, has large rooms with common bath and a nice verandah for Rs 650/750 and Rs 750/850 with A/C. The rooms on the top floor overlooking the street are best.

Hotel Volga II (Tel - 2282 4755), upstairsRustam Manzil, near the Leopold Restaurant, has very small rooms with common bath for Rs 600, with bath for Rs 700, and with A/C for Rs 950. The A/C rooms are the cheapest in Colaba.

Hotel Carlton
(Tel - 2202-0259), 12 Mereweather Rd, is a decent value, but run-down. Rooms with common bath are Rs 400/500 and A/C rooms with bath are Rs 1050.

Hotel Prosser’s
(Tel - 2284-1715), 2-4 Henry Rd, has decent rooms with common bath ranging from Rs 500/700 to Rs 850 for much nicer rooms. Some rooms have an ocean view.
India (2283-3769), 3rd Floor, 1/39 Kamal Mansion, Arthur Bunder Rd, has small, partitioned rooms with common bath and no windows for Rs 500/600 and rooms with a sea view for Rs 600/700.

The Sea Shore (Tel 2287-4237), above the India Hotel on the 4th floor, is a decent value with rooms for 500/600. The rooms facing the sea for Rs 600/800 are better than the other rooms.
Below the Hotel Indian is the Hotel Sea Lord (2284-5392), with windowless small rooms for Rs 500/600 and rooms with a seaview for Rs 600/700. All these places are about the same.

Hotel Lawrence (Tel - 2284-3618), 3rd floor, 33 As Baba Marg, down a side road in back of the Prince of Wales Museum off K Dubash Marg, is a small, quiet, place with clean rooms for Rs 450/550 and Rs 800 for a triple. It is a good value and usually full (has only six rooms. Recommended.

Salvation Army Red Shield Hotel (Tel - 2284-1824), 30 Mereweather Rd, behind the Taj, has rooms for Rs 700/1000 (meals included) and dorm beds for Rs 150 (with meals Rs 160). It is the least expensive place in town. You have to reserve a room in advance. Dorm beds are first come, first served, so it is a good idea to arrive by the 9 am checkout time. Have left luggage facilities for Rs 50 per day.

Bentley’s Hotel (2284-1474; fax 2287-1846; Email:; Web Site:, 17 Oliver Rd, is an older place with well-maintained rooms with common bath for Rs 800/1085 and a room large enough in which to hold a cricket match for Rs 1250. A/C Rs 200 extra. It is a popular place. Breakfast included with the price. Rooms have character with balconies and colonial furniture.. Accept credit cards.

Railway Hotel (2261-6705; fax 2265-8949; E, 249 P D’Mello Rd, is better than average, with rooms with bath for Rs 1000/1400 and an A/C rooms with TV and fridge for Rs 1500/1900.

Hotel Manama (2261-3412; fax 2261 3860), 221/225 P D’Mello Rd, is a good place with clean rooms with common bath and TV for Rs 750, a room with bath and TV for Rs 1000, and with A/C for Rs 1200. It is conviently located by the railway station.

Benazeer (261-1725; fax 261-7798), 16 Rustam Sindhwa Marg (Gunbow St), has decent rooms for Rs 750/850.

Oasis (2239 6570; 2266 9183; Email:, 272 SBS Marg, is a good value with well-maintained rooms with 650/750 and 900/1000 with A/C. This is a good choice in the Fort area..

Hotel City Palace (2261-5515; fax; 2267 6897; Email:, 121 City Terrace, WH Marg, opposite Victoria Terminal, has a good selection of rooms with bath, TV, and a good view of the city for Rs 750/900 and Rs 1000/1350 for an A/C room. It is a decent place.
Mumbai Palace (308-6118), Syed Villa, off YMCA Rd, near Mumbai Central, is a mid-priced place with good-sized comfortable A/C rooms.

Hotel Kemp’s Corner (2363-4646; fax 2363-4732), 131 August Kranti Marg, has A/C rooms with bath and TV for Rs 1400/1500 and deluxe rooms for 1700/1800. It is a good value.
Grand Hotel (5658 0500-8211; fax 5658 0501; Web Site:, 17 Shri Shiv Ramgulam Marg, Ballard Estate, is a large, older place built around a boring central courtyard. It has comfortable rooms with bath, a small balcony, and TV for Rs 2300/2800. Economy rooms are Rs 1800/2100.

Hotel Residency (2262-5524; fax 2261-9164, Email; 26 Rustom Sidhwa MargSt, corner of D Naoroji Rd, is a nice, well-maintained place with standard, very clean, comfortable rooms with TV for Rs 1700; deluxe rooms Rs 2000.

Hotel Cowie’s (2284-0232), 15 Walton Rd, has rooms with bath, A/C, a fridge, and TV for Rs 1350/1700.

Regent Hotel (2287-1864; fax 2202-0363; Email:, 8 Best Rd, is a good place with very comfortable, A/C rooms with TV for Rs 2400/2700. Rooms have either a balcony or sitting room.

Hotel Diplomat (2202-1661; fax 283-0000), 24-26 Boman Behram Marg, Apollo Bunder, has quiet, decent rooms for Rs 1500/1800.

Ascot Hotel (fax 2204-6449), 38 Garden Rd, has an assortment of good-sized, well decorated, comfortable rooms with bath, A/C, fridge, and TV for Rs 1657 to Rs 2050. It is one of the oldest hotels in Mumbai.

Godwin Hotel (2287-2050; fax 2287-1592; Web Site:, 41 Garden Rd, has rooms for Rs 2200/3216. It is a clean, well-managed place. The rooms on the upper floors have better views.

Garden Hotel (2284-1476; Email:, 42 Garden Rd, has clean, comfortable double rooms with bath and TV ranging from Rs 2100 to Rs 3100. Terrace garden.

Strand Hotel (2288-2222; fax 284-1624), 25 Apollo Bunder, has rooms for Rs 1500/1860.

Kerawalla Chambers (2282-1089), above the Strand has decent, clean rooms with bath, TV, and a fridge for Rs 650 and Rs 700 for an A/C room. Rooms with a seaview are Rs 950. It can be noisy.

Shelley's Hotel (2284-0229; fax 2284-0385; Email:; Web Site:, next door, PJ Ramchandani Marg (Apollo Bunder), is a nice, older place with good-sized comfortable rooms with TV starting at Rs 1400/2100 and a room with a sea view for Rs 2500.

Regency Inn (2202-0292), Mahakavi Bhushan Marg, behind Regal Cinema, has A/C rooms with TV and fridge for Rs 1400/1650. It is best to see the rooms, as they have quite a variety.
On the same street, the three-star Hotel Suba Palace (2202-0636; fax 2202-0812; Web Site:, Battery St, Mahakavi Bhushan Marg, has good, clean, comfortable rooms with TV and fridge for Rs 2000/2650.

Hotel Apollo (2202-0223; fax 287-4990), Lansdowne Rd, behind Regal Theatre, is a good place with rooms for Rs 1200/1400. The rooms with a sea view are best.

Hotel Causeway (2281-7777; fax 2281-0999; Web Site:, 3rd floor Mathuradas Estate, 43/45 SB Singh Rd, Colaba Causeway, above the Hotel Apollo, is a decent place with small A/C rooms with bath for Rs 1250.

Sea Green Hotel 5633 6525; fax 5633 6530, Web Site:, 145 Marine Dr., has clean rooms with A/C and TV for Rs 1800/2400. 24-hour checkout.

The Sea Green South (5633 6535; fax: 5633 6540; fax;: 5636 6540; Web Site:, next door, is about the same.

Chateau Windsor Guest House (2204 4455; fax 2202-6459; Web Site:, 86 Veer Nariman Rd, is a popular place with a selection of very clean rooms. Rooms are Rs 850/1400 and Rs 1400/1800 with A/C. As there are a variety of rooms, it is best to look at a few rooms.

Norman’s Guest House (203-4234), 127 Marine Dr, has clean, basic A/C rooms with common bath for Rs 1000/1150 and with bath for Rs 1400. The rooms in the front of the building are better.

Hotel Shantidoot
Dr. Ambedkar Road, Near Hindmata, Dadar(E), Mumbai: 400014 Tel. No.24164923

Hotels Red Rose : Hotels Red Rose is located at Dadar area in the center on Mumbai. The hotel is conveniently located at a 5 minute walking distance from the Dadar station. At this hotel we provide utmost comfort to our guests at the most affordable prices.

Executive Enclave : Address : 331 Dr Ambedkar Road, Pali Hill,Bandra West Tel. : 91-22-26490227, 26047144

Hotel Mansarovar
Address : Bansidhar Bhuvan, Turner Road,Bandra West
Tel. : 91-22-26409817 / 0925, 26425399

Hotel Metro Palace
Address : 355 Ramdas Nayak Road,Bandra West
Tel. : 91-22-26427311 / 7022 / 7033, 26510937 / 38 / 39
40 a/c rooms for yor comfort & luxury.

ISKCON Guest House
Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari Temple
Hare Krishna Land, Juhu 400 049
Mumbai, Maharashtra (Bombay)

To help our Guest House to serve you better we suggest you book at least 40 days in advance. Rooms are subject to availability.
Important: Please book your rooms at least 1 month in advance.
Booking can be done through Phone, Fax or Email.
Fax: + 91 (22) 2620-5214
Tel: + 91 (22) 2620-6860 / 2620-0870 / 2620-2226
1. Well Furnished, Single / Double AC & Non AC Rooms.

2. Telephone in each room with STD / ISD Facility.

3. Room Service (07.00 am to 10.00 pm), Hot Water Round the Clock

4. Check-out time: 12 Noon.

5. Tariff for Guests (per day):
AC Double Rs.2000 / Single Rs.1452
Non-AC Double Rs.1600 / Single Rs.1248
(inclusive of Luxury tax)
Tariff for Life Members (per day):
AC Double - Rs.325 + Rs.100 (Maintenance) = Rs.425
Non AC Double - Rs.100 (Maintenance)

6. Five Minutes walking distance from the Juhu Beach.

7. Local sight seeing facility provided with vehicle.

8. Internet facility @ Rs.30 per hour & Rs.20 per half hour

is attached to the Hare Krishna Temple. Smoking and drinking are not allowed on the premises and there are no TVs in the rooms.

It is an interesting place and a good value. It has an excellent restaurant. Thalis Rs 150. It is a well-managed place and it is worth staying just for the experience. Govindas offers a wide variety of choices. Most guests like to settle for the thali which gives you a wide varity of flavours and dishes. There are sabjis, rice, dal, salad and so many other things in the thali option. This is really a sumptuous meal which leaves you very satisfied.
Other than that one can have the pizza or the burger, a juice or even try the cakes especially made without egg. Try the chappatis, they will melt in your mouth. The bread that are available here are unique in their flavour. They always leave you asking for more. So go on try out a meal at Govinda´s and you are sure to come back for more.

Restaurant: 12.30pm - 3.00pm and 7.30pm - 10.00pm.
Snacks Bar: 7.00am – 10:30am and 4.00pm –5:30pm.

Govinda's Restaurant, Hare Krishna Land, Juhu, Mumbai
Tel: 2692-4061 / 2620-0337 / 2620-6860 Extn.:621 Fax: 2620-5214

Sea Side Hotel (620-0293), 39/2 Juhu Rd, has A/C rooms with bath for Rs 1000/1200.

Hotel King's International
5, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu.
Tel.: 022 26184381/82/83,022 26129726 Fax:022 26110059.
with overpriced rooms for Rs 1100/1200.

Hotel Golden Manor
Opp. Juhu Church, Juhu, Mumbai - 400 049.
Tel: 91-22-6692 6321 / 22 & 91-22-26104271 / 73 / 74
Fax: 91-22-6692 6329.
has a pool and A/C rooms ranging TARIFF

STANDARD ROOM : Rs. 4000/- plus 10% Tax

EXECUTIVE ROOM : Rs. 4500/- plus 10% Tax

DELUXE ROOM : Rs. 5000/- plus 10% Tax
. It is a nice place.

Juhu Hotel,
Juhu Beach,
Mumbai- 400 049,
Phone: (91-22) 6693 8230/ 26184014,
Fax: (91-22) 26192578.

3 Star
5, Juhu Tara Road,
Opp. Juhu Church, Juhu
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 26631441 (7 lines)
Fax : 022 - 26177573
European Plan
Single Double
3250 3750

Address: 960, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu Beach, Mumbai 400 049, India.
Tel:91-22-6693 2525, 2660 7273.
Reservations:91-22-6693 2525.
Fax: 91-22-6693 2526.
email address -
Deluxe Room 6000

2 Star
Juhu Tara Road, Juhu
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 56924658, 2660
Fax : 022 - 56924657

2 Star
39/2, Juhu Beach, Juhu
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 56923901 (8 li
Fax : 022 - 26202306

Access 5 kms. from Airport, 3 kms. from Railway Station, 1/2 km. from Bus Stand

4 Star
Ramee Guestline, Juhu
462, A.B. Nair Road,
Juhu, Mumbai - 400 049,

Tel: +91 22 5690 5555 / 5693 55555
Fax: +91 22 2620 2821 / 2670 3344
For special rate:

Juhu Beach, Mumbai 400 049
Tel: +91 (22) 2611-2323
Reservations Direct: +91 (22) 2614-7466
Fax: +91(22) 2611-3682 / 0641

3 Star
5, King’s International House,
Juhu Tara Road, Juhu
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 56922222, 2618
Fax : 022 - 26110059

5 Star
969, Juhu Tara Road,
Juhu Beach
Maharashtra-400 049
For Further Information:
Telephone: (091-22) 26611111, 6692 44 55.
Fax: (091-22) 26611144, 26603973

4 Star
39/2, Juhu Beach
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 26204511 / 12
Fax : 022 - 26205268

2 Star
18 / B Juhu Tara Road, Juhu
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 26602440, 2660
Fax : 022 - 26608828

5 Star Deluxe
39 Juhu Beach
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 56938888, 2620
Fax : 022 - 26202170

2 Star
148 B, Juhu Tara Road
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 26184544 / 46
Fax : 022 - 26110892

3 Star
Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz ( West)
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 26603516, 5691
Fax : 022 - 26602201

Juhu-Tara Road, Juhu
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 26611150
Fax : 022 - 26603475

Opp. Theosophical Society,
Juhu Tara Road, Juhu
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 26182563, 2618
Fax : 022 - 26117502

Juhu Beach
Maharashtra-400 049
Tel. No :022 - 56938230, 2618
Fax : 022 - 26192578

Benzy Palace

Area: Andheri (E)
Address: Vijaynagar Marol Maroshi Road, Andheri (E), Bombay, 400059

Located near the International airport at the industrial hub of Andheri (East). It is centrally located and easily accessible from the local railway station and bus depot. The hotel offers all the modern facilities of comfort and convenience required by today's corporate executive at the most reasonable tariff.
Andheri (E)
Vijaynagar Marol Maroshi Road, Andheri (E), Bombay, 400059

Hotel policies

Check-In: 1200
Check-Out: 1000

Anjali Inn, Mumbai

Mr Joseph,Mr Anil
Contact us 24Hrs on :

09122 - 28517591 / 28517592

Mobile nos : 9821510699,9892274429,
Free Airport Pickup and Drop
Plot No 15, Sagbaung, Behind Mahalaxmi Again Restaurant. Andheri Kurla Road, Marol- Sakinaka
Near Mittal Estate.Next to Time Square Bldg Mumbai,Maharashtra 400059, India

Sampoorna Hotels Pvt Ltd
MS Deeksha Payyade
Link Road, Opp Goregaon Sports Club, Malad W, Mumbai - 400064

Aditi International Hotel
Mr Dsouza/Mr Jayesh
105, S V Rd, Opp Malad Shc, Malad W, Mumbai - 400064

Samadhan Residency Hotel
Mr Prakash / MS Bhavna / Mr Ravi Shetty
Jagdamba Complex Evershine Nagar, Malad Link Road, Behind Movie Time Cinema, Malad W, Mumbai - 400064

Royal Shelter Hotel
572, Undeari Rd, Nr Malad Police Station,Bh New Era Cinema, Malad W, Mumbai - 400064

There are comfortable Retiring Rooms at the domestic airport, which can be used if you are departing on a flight within 24 hours. Inquire at the airport manager’s office. It is often full.

Hotel Shangri-la (2612 8983) Nanda Patkar Rd, off Nehru Rd, Vile Parle, ten minutes from the airport, is the cheapest place in the area with clean rooms for Rs 600 and Rs 900 with A/C.

Hotel Aircraft (2612-1419; fax 2618 2942; Email:, 179 Dayaldas Rd, opposite Western Express Highway near the domestic airport, is one of the least expensive hotels in the area with clean rooms for Rs 1400/1800 with A/C and TV. 24-hour check-out

Highway Inn (832-0021), Vishal Shopping Center, Andheri Kurla Rd, 3km from Sahar by the Andheri railway station, has a selection of inexpensive but clean rooms with bath and TV for Rs 1050/1200. It is a good value.

Hotel Airways (514-9855), near Sarvodaya Hospital, 5km from the airport, has rooms for Rs 550/650 and Rs 750/850 with A/C.

Hotel Airport International (612-2883; fax 618-3333) has comfortable, clean rooms for Rs 1400/1600.

Hotel BAWA (2611-3636; fax 2610-7096; Email:, Nehru Rd Extension, has comfortable rooms for Rs 3400/3900.

Avion Hotel (612-3902), Nehru Road, has rooms for Rs 1650/1900.

Hotel Atithi (611-6124; fax 611-1998), near the domestic terminal, is a popular place with comfortable rooms for Rs 2300/2500. It is heavily booked, so it must be reserved in advance.

Centaur Hotel, directly across from the Indian Air Terminal, Santa Cruz, has rooms for Rs 6500.
The best place near the airports is the excellent Leela Kempinski (836-3636; fax 836-0606), near the international terminal, with rooms for $335/360. It has an excellent restaurant.

West End Hotel (2203-9121; fax 2205-7506; Web Site:, 45 New Marine Lines, opposite the Bombay Hospital, is a well-managed place with comfortable rooms starting at Rs 2000/2600 and going up to a suite for Rs 3800. It has a good restaurant. It is a good value for what you get.

Fariyas Hotel (2204-2911; fax 2283-4992;, is a four-star place west of Arthur Bunder Rd, near the Taj, has good, well-maintained rooms with A/C starting at $150/175. It has a small pool and a health club.

Ritz Hotel (282-0141; fax 285-0494), 5 Jamshedji Tata Rd, near Churchgate Station, has rooms starting at Rs 4000/5000. It is in an older, well-maintained building. No pool.

Taj Mahal Intercontinental (5665-3366; fax 5665-0323; Email:; Web Site:, next to the Gateway of India, is considered one of the best hotels in the world.

Taj Group’s Hotel President (215-0808; fax 215-1201), 90 Cuffe Parade, Colaba, is a luxurious place with rooms starting at $195/215. Between November and April this place is usually booked, so reserve a room well in advance.

Ambassador Hotel (2204-1131; fax 2204-0004; Email: is a luxury four-star place with a revolving rooftop restaurant that is worth checking out for the views.

Oberoi & Oberoi Towers (25632 5757; fax 2204-3282; Email;; Web Site are two luxury hotels right next to each other with modern business rooms.

Centaur Hotel (2611-3040; fax 2611-6343), Juhu Beach, is an excellent place. Rooms range from $150 to $400. There is a reservation office here for Indian Airlines and Air India.
The four-star Hotel Sands (2620-4512; fax 2620-5268), 39/2 Juhu Beach, has rooms for Rs 1700/2000 and suites for Rs 3700.

Holiday Inn (25693-4444; fax 25693-4455; Email: reserve@holidayinnbombay.comWeb Site:, Balraj Sahani Marg, next to the beach has rooms for $225/250 up to $400. The price includes a buffet brealfast

Ramada Inn Palm Grove (2611-2323; fax 2611-3682), Juhu Beach, has rooms from $150/175 to $275 for a suite.

Hotel Sea Princess (2661-1111, 25692 4455; fax 2661-1144, Email:; Web Site: has rooms for Rs 5500/6000.

Hotel Horizon (2614-4512; fax 2611-6715), 37 Juhu Beach, has rooms for 4000/4500.

Sun-n-Sand Hotel (2620-1811; fax 2620-2170) is a good place with rooms for Rs 5000/5500.

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